Hair, Cosmetics, and Jewelry


Hair and hair extensions must be of natural color. Hair and hair extensions may not be dyed or colored in any way. Mohawks, extreme spiked hair, or designs cut into hair are considered a distraction and, therefore, are not permitted. Eyebrows must not be edged, shaved, or designed in any manner. Plain hair bands are permitted (no animal ears, horns, etc.). Hats are not permitted.


Makeup must not be excessive to the point where it becomes a disruptive factor. Writing on the body, tattoos, and/or
body stickers, pimple patches are not permitted.


Students may wear one necklace. Chains longer than 20 inches in length are prohibited, and all chains must be worn inside of the shirt at all times. Adornments on the necklaces must be smaller than a quarter. Chokers, dog collars, spikes, or chain wallets are not permitted. Students may wear two rings per hand and one bracelet per wrist. Earrings are limited to one pair of hoops or studs regardless of the number of piercings, and all earrings must be smaller than a quarter. Adornments that are attached to exposed body parts other than the ears are not permitted. (For example: an adornment attached to the tongue, lip, eyebrow or nose is not permitted).

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