Luis Sanchez ~ Veterans Park Academy for the Arts

Arts through Acting

VPAA exposes children to acting through drama classes offered to elementary students. Students will perform plays, skits, Readers Theater, etc throughout the year. Middle school students can take drama classes as an elective where they will act in full productions and learn the ins and outs of the theater.

Arts through Art

Elementary students will engage in various art projects during their enrichment time. Middle School students can take art classes as an elective as they study all types of art and technique.

Arts through Dance

Students will be exposed to dance from their first day at VPAA and be invited to participate in several performances throughout the year. Elementary students will have dance class every week and will have the opportunity to try out for the dance team and the all-county dance competition team. Middle school students can take dance as an elective with VPAA offering a variety of dance classes. Middle school students can also try out for the all-county dance team.

Arts through Music

VPAA engages students of all ages to participate in a variety of music opportunities. Students will participate in a music class from the first year in attendance. As they grow, they will have the opportunity to be a part of Choir, recorder club, drum circle, band, orchestra, and even a guitar class.